The App that forces you to Get out Of Bed (GOOB)


All smart phones have various types of alarms on them and there are more and more Apps available with different methods of waking you up. Before I used the standard App on my phone I tried all sorts of alarms from ones you throw at wall to ones that try and hide themselves, from Apps that make it look like the sun is rising to Apps that wake you at the optimum time in your sleep cycle.

Now, there is an innovative Android App from a Belgium company called Sygel. There is a pre-requisite for this App to work, you need A WiFi Router. To set the alarm up you need to set how close to the router the phone has to be in order for the alarm to stop ringing (Run to WiFi), probably designed on the premise that you won't have the router in your bedroom! or at least not everyone in the family will have a router in their bedroom. This possible oversight was obviously spotted quickly as you can also set how far the phone has to be from the router before the alarm stops if needed (Run from WiFi). The Alarm works on the signal strength from the WiFi on a 0-100 scale. Apparently you can combine the two methods if required, perhaps that's to cater for those moments where you don't end the evening in your normal bed!!

If you don't have a router but you know someone who does, then you're in luck, you can use the SSID and signal strength of that router to set your alarm up .... sneaky eh! If you feel that you won't be able to stop closing the App when the alarm sounds, don't worry you can use the advanced settings to disable this function.

I wonder how long the gimmick effect will work.

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    Cool I can used SSID and just the signal even without my own router!