Will Apple Be The Same Without Steve Jobs


Questions people are already asking now that Steve Jobs has officially retired as CEO of Apple. The man who has taken over has been with Apple for a good few years and I do not see the arrival of Flash any time soon. Steve Jobs is an icon and for that reason his departure may well make the company lose some of its cutting edge appeal although time will tell whether Tim Cook can generate the kind of press that Steve Jobs could. In my opinion Jobs firm views on the direction of Apple and the design and build of its devices have made Apple what it is today.

Tim Cook


Tim Cook, the former COO of Apple, was responsible for the company's worldwide sales and operations, he is known for his ability in dealing with the logistics and supply of parts and devices. He is also understood to be behind the pricing of devices in order to maintain a brand name synonymous with design and quality yet still ship enough to make good profits. One assumes he will have the same ethos as Steve and therefore the same goals. The share price has risen since the announcement earlier this week.

He arrived at Apple from Compaq and has worked for Apple and with Steve Jobs for over 13 years. He is understood to be quiet and reflective; his profile will certainly rise in the public eye over the coming weeks. As reported by the Daily Telegraph today he has been given 1 million shares in Apple in a bid to keep him there until at least 2021.

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 and went on to make it a world leader in technology design and development. He got rid of the standard beige and black design for computers and developed the IMAC style much easier on the eye but more expensive to boot. The introduction of the IPOD and the ITUNES music store changed the music industry for good and it once it was compatible with Microsoft Windows there was no stopping it. .  In 2007, Steve Jobs was named Most Powerful Businessman by Fortune Magazine.

During his time away from Apple he Co-founded PIXAR animation studio and according to a biography was instrumental in taking the company public shortly after the release of Toy Story, which saw his net worth rise to over $1 billion.

During his tenure,  Apple changed the mobile phone market with the introduction of the iPhone and its revolutionary touch screen and minimalistic design.  Apple has now possibly changed the personal computer market for good with the introduction of the IPAD and the competition between consumption devices and production devices rages on.

Mr Jobs certainly leaves a legacy; can the new CEO do the same?