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Access Your Apple Email Account On Your Android Device

How to get Apple iCloud email n Android

If you ever need to configure Apple iCloud email on your Android device then you may find the following settings of use:-

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Apple iPhone has arrived! is it worth upgrading?


The New Apple iphone has arrived! is it worth upgrading?

The die hard Apple fans have been out snapping up the device as usual but does that mean it is any good.

The device is the same width but Apple have increased the length, whilst at the same time making it lighter and slimmer than the iPhone 4s. The device
does feel very light and has the usual build quality that Apple are synonomous with. I was hoping for a radically different design but I guess they feel they have the look about right at the moment.

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iPADs and iPHONES are creating the new Big Apple in Cupertino, move over New York.


Apple Has become a huge company, this graphic is just one one way of demonstrating that. Perhaps before long New York will soon be known as the second Big Apple, as the Cupertino based company moves on. Check out the full Infographic for some other interesting facts.


Apple Infographic


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Nike Fuel Band Checks Your Fitness Wherever You Are

Nike recently released another fitness accessory to ensure that your are always maintaining peek fitness and achieving daily goals. Or alternatively you just use it as  cute designer fashion accessory!


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Google Maps..Google Streets now Google Drive

Cloud storage is a popular topic at the moment with online storage options coming from, among others, Apple, Microsoft, DropBox, Samsung and Amazon.  This week a new option arrived on the scene, Google Drive.  If you sign in with your Google account you can request notification when your Drive is ready to use.



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Apple iPAD 3.. Overhyped or just Overheating…

Following on from the post on the Apple iPAD 3, reports are surfacing from some of the early buyers of problems with heat. On the Apple discussion boards, people commented on how hot the device got in the lower left hand corner.  One user described it as “scorching hot” after playing Real Racing 2.

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The New iPAD 3 Arrives…is it worth updating


Resolutionary is the new Apple buzzword.


After all the usual hype, rumours and predictions the Apple IPAD 3 has finally been shown of by the new Apple Head Tim Cook at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The new iPAD will be shipping on the 16th March and comes in black or white the usual 16GB,32GB or 64GB format with WiFi or WiFi+4G.

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Use Face recognition to unlock iPhone


A facility available on Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been ported to IOS and used to unlock an iPhone. The software recognises your face and unlocks the phone accordingly albeit rather slowly, as the youtube video below demonstrates.


Apparently there will be an App appearing on iTunes but as yet there is no sign. Interestingly though, Apple has just applied for a patent for their own Face Detection technology.




Beat the competition with the 60beat Gamepad for IOS


A new controller for IOS devices, iPad, iPhone etc has appeared and looks promising. If you like console gaming on your iPad then this is probably a welcome sight.

60Beat Game Pad for IOS

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Malware increasing on Android devices


Android devices have proved to be the most popular mobile devices for Malware attacks. A recent report showed an 18% increase in Malware on mobile devices and that 47% of Malware is aimed at Android.

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