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Access Your Apple Email Account On Your Android Device

How to get Apple iCloud email n Android

If you ever need to configure Apple iCloud email on your Android device then you may find the following settings of use:-

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iPADs and iPHONES are creating the new Big Apple in Cupertino, move over New York.


Apple Has become a huge company, this graphic is just one one way of demonstrating that. Perhaps before long New York will soon be known as the second Big Apple, as the Cupertino based company moves on. Check out the full Infographic for some other interesting facts.


Apple Infographic


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Google Maps..Google Streets now Google Drive

Cloud storage is a popular topic at the moment with online storage options coming from, among others, Apple, Microsoft, DropBox, Samsung and Amazon.  This week a new option arrived on the scene, Google Drive.  If you sign in with your Google account you can request notification when your Drive is ready to use.



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Google Privacy Policy Changes Today


Today Google is changing its privacy policy to bring all  the various Google services together.

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Update To Facebook Pages


Facebook today announced that they are making some updates to Facebook Pages. They can now include a cover page, larger story sizes and provide better tools to manage the Page.

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Google Wallet Targeted By Hackers


Google have been having a few problems with Google Wallet and phones that have been “rooted” they have officially stated that Google Wallet is not supported on “rooted” phones and stress that rooting a phone in most cases will erase any Wallet data from the device.

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At last a TV that listens to you…


We have all been shouting at the television for years! but none of them listen, well now Samsung have introduced a new Smart TV that apparently does.

Samsung Smart TV with Gesture control

Picture Credit The Verge


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New ASUS Eee Transformer Prime might upset the Tablet Market


According to some reports the new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet is being shipped this week by Amazon to people who had pre-ordered the hybrid device, although there are also reports of delays until the first quarter 2012. Whatever situation is true it looks like it will be here sooner rather than later.


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You Can Drive My Car…Well Google can

Google gets involved in all sorts of technology to help us during our brief stay in this world. They are now hoping to help us park our cars with driverless technology.

Goolge Driverless Audi TT

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Malware increasing on Android devices


Android devices have proved to be the most popular mobile devices for Malware attacks. A recent report showed an 18% increase in Malware on mobile devices and that 47% of Malware is aimed at Android.

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