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iPADs and iPHONES are creating the new Big Apple in Cupertino, move over New York.


Apple Has become a huge company, this graphic is just one one way of demonstrating that. Perhaps before long New York will soon be known as the second Big Apple, as the Cupertino based company moves on. Check out the full Infographic for some other interesting facts.


Apple Infographic


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Google Privacy Policy Changes Today


Today Google is changing its privacy policy to bring all  the various Google services together.

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Update To Facebook Pages


Facebook today announced that they are making some updates to Facebook Pages. They can now include a cover page, larger story sizes and provide better tools to manage the Page.

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Google Wallet Targeted By Hackers


Google have been having a few problems with Google Wallet and phones that have been “rooted” they have officially stated that Google Wallet is not supported on “rooted” phones and stress that rooting a phone in most cases will erase any Wallet data from the device.

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At last a TV that listens to you…


We have all been shouting at the television for years! but none of them listen, well now Samsung have introduced a new Smart TV that apparently does.

Samsung Smart TV with Gesture control

Picture Credit The Verge


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Merry Christmas to all,

I hope you have a very peaceful and enjoyable time.

Good luck and best wishes for the New Year.

From all at


You Can Drive My Car…Well Google can

Google gets involved in all sorts of technology to help us during our brief stay in this world. They are now hoping to help us park our cars with driverless technology.

Goolge Driverless Audi TT

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Google Person Finder Launched after the Turkish earthquake


After the tragic earthquake in Turkey that has already claimed over 200 lives, Google has launched its Person Finder service.

The service was first used after the earthquake in Haiti 2010 and has since been used in New Zealand and also in Japan after the Tsunami earlier this year.


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The World Media Awards And Event

Announcing The World Media Awards and Event, sponsored by Ebay and including sponsors – Growmap, Pace Lattin, VigLink and Trancos.

World Media Awards

Internet bloggers and publishers from all over the world are invited to take part in selecting the nominees and the winners at the World Media Awards and Event on the 26th of October this year in San Francisco

The event is designed to celebrate the achievements of bloggers and publishers and celebrate the best in media creation. The event is not just an awards ceremony there will also be workshops where you can learn how to maximise the potential of your blog using the latest techniques and technology. So this event is about being creative as well as recognising the innovative ideas that you’ve found on the World Wibe Web.

Event founder Murray Newlands  said:

“I love blogging and wanted to create an event to celebrate the best in blogging and media. I meet lots of publishers and want to be able to create an environment where they can exchange knowledge and creativity.”

If you subscribe to blogs or enjoy blogging yourself then maybe this will be of  interest to you. Perhaps you have someone to nominate or just want to find out who the best are?

To Learn more about the World Media Awards – Follow this link