5 Things Facebook Has Altered..For Good

Not just a social networking site, Facebook has changed the way we do things, for good. From business to travel, Facebook has changed the way we do just about everything.

Business Communications:
The most successful businesses on Facebook balance usefulness with entertainment, such as Starbucks who combine news with quirky updating. Ben and Jerry’s have focused much of their updating on fare trade news, community projects, and organic produce to emphasise their eco-friendly image, but also posting pictures and videos of their team to keep it personal. As business personality is important for brand loyalty, giving a company Facebook page a human touch can keep readers involved.

Relationship Issues:
67% of couples report running into problems or even breaking up over their use of Facebook. Problems can arise from a range of risky zones in the Facebook world. Photos can be a minefield as your new partner can encounter all of your exes and spark jealousy, but new photos can be an issue too when a partner gets to see you tagged at your absolute worst. It may be that your partner’s sexy pics were one of the things that first sparked an attraction, but now that they are on display for everyone else jealousy can once again rear its ugly head. Some editing may be wise when embarking on a new romance!

Recruiting new talent:
Recruitment on Facebook goes well beyond posting vacancies on the Facebook Marketplace. Companies now run recruitment drives using all kinds of challenges on their pages, or post targeted ads for people in specific regions with particular skills and interests. As social groups such as alumni networks, school groups, and work-mate connections all offer the chance to target exactly who a business is looking for, Facebook can be a HR dream. Of course, the company also has to look good to the people they want to target.

Travel Apps:
Clever and functional apps can real set a business apart from its competitors, and in an area with an abundance of competition such as travel, it can make all the difference. Skyscanner have started a new app which searches flights in a way no other site currently can. Simply post on the wall of the app as if it were a user and it will reply with a list of flight prices. For example, if you were flying to India from the UK in September you might type 'UK to India September' and it would reply with a list of prices for that month, showing which airports were cheapest to fly from and which dates were the cheapest. The information it would use would be taken from the India page on the official site (which is open for users to use) however using the app allows you to check flight prices without ever leaving Facebook.

Though politics on Facebook may be seen as a primarily American phenomenon, with the Obama campaign utilising social media to great success, the UK Liberal Democrats also owe a lot to the site. In the elections bookies had Nick Clegg up as a favourite to win at some key points, largely because he got across his image as the likeable voice of rationality and sense on the scene. This was emphasised on his Facebook page, which capitalised on friendly, engaging interaction much like the pages of US candidates.