10 Most Essential IPad Apps for Kids 2011

Apple iPads are the most sought after devices and are currently the rage amongst computing devices.  With this stunning device, there are hundreds of apps available meant for iPad users. Not only this device is liked by adults and teenagers but kids are also a great fan of it. For them too, there are great many apps available and therefore we present to you 10 best iPad apps meant especially for kids. You can get these iPad apps either through a free download or through the iTunes store at a price range of up to $4.99 US dollars. Other than that, these apps also provide a free trial version for you to use, after which if you like one, you can then purchase it from Apple App Store.

PegLight :

This app is great for kids who love artwork as it gives them a chance to draw pictures, graphics and other shapes, on the base of a black background. It is recommended for children aged 4 upwards, and could be an app that can help you interact with your kids, enforcing some sense of creativity in them.

Skee Ball :

This is a form of the much lovable arcade game and with the iPad it certainly is a game that is bound to give you fun and entertainment. This is for kids aged 4 upwards.  This is a good past time for kids, especially when you are on vacation or are traveling long distances, where kids tend to get bored.

Sneezies HD :

Another great game for kids, this app makes it fun playing games on the iPad. There are pompoms in bubbles that have to be busted using sneeze powders. This helps the pompoms to sneeze, and break the bubbles and get good enough points.

WeetWoo :

Kids below the age of 4 too can get a good enough hand on the iPad through a game meant especially for kids of the age of 2. The app has videos that are bound to keep younger kids entertained and having fun, at the same time also encouraging them to learn from the videos. Again a great way to keep crying kids occupied and entertained.

HD Talking Coloring Book :

Now this is what will make kids marvel and grasp their attention for hours! The coloring book actually is a talking book that helps them color maps, draw cartoons, fill them with colors etc. With each color, they get good music to play along. Coloring is taken on a whole new dimension here and the best part, you don’t have to get dirty coloring.

Chuzzle :

Chuzzle is the iPad form of puzzles! You get fuzzy objects joined around on the screen, till you get 3 chuzzles sticking together. This helps kids reach the goal and this keeps them challenged by the difficulty of having three similar chuzzles sticking together.

Monopoly :

Monopoly too has its iPad form, and no more do you have to possess big boards to play this game. The digital version of this, acts exactly like the board version with animation, artificial intelligence and digital graphics to keep you occupied. A great family game!

MagniMatch :

This is one game that calls for an eye to detail. Kids have to use a magnifying glass in the MagniMatch to analyze details and then match those details with the large object that hosts the details. The game is perked up with amazing graphics, great quality sound and easy to learn. Suitable for children aged 2 and above.

Face Time With Mage Nuttings :

This app is for kids who love story telling and are young, aspiring writers or story tellers. All they have to do is create a unique story of their own and pick images for the story. It becomes an interactive story for kids to enjoy.

My First Words in American English :

This one is good enough if you want your kids to develop a knack for vocabulary at an early age. Amazing videos and music for instructions and a great learning guide for 2 year old kids and above.

Hopefully with these amazing apps and games for kids, you will be able to give your kids some quality time, with the chance of letting them learn and have fun at the same time. If you buy an app, be sure you get these games for your kids.