4 Reasons why Blackberry Bold 4/9900 will fail

Today, when we are seeing mobile companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola launching phones with awesome displays, great camera, huge apps market and blah blah, there's one company that's still sticking to outdated specs and high price i.e Blackberry. Here we review 4 such things that will lead to the fall of yet to be released Blackberry 4 or (Blackberry 9900).


1. Small Screen

Ok, we agree with most of you that its a business series phone but Business Phones no longer should have a small screen. This small screen on Blackberry 9900 is a capacitive touch screen with no support for multi touch and doesn't has gorilla glass (these are features which we expect on high end phones). The Phone has small 2.8 inch touch screen which supports  640 x 480 pixels. Whereas if we compare the screen to the ones of Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 or IPhone 4 (similar range phones) you can your self judge the difference.


2. Marketplace

App Store (iOS) currently has 500,000+ apps and Android Market has 400,000+ apps. Now lets find the total number of apps Blackberry App World currently has 39,200 apps (remember blackberry is one of the oldest smartphone manufacturer). The numbers speak's so we are doubtful if the Blackberry Apps can anytime in future catch up with Android or Apple Store.


3. Camera and Media

Blackberry's camera has never been able to compete with top Phone manufacturers in the recent years and they have stayed atleast a year behind. Today when other similarly priced Smartphones have 8 MP and above cameras Blackberry is launching a phone which has a 5MP camera.


4. Price

The phone is expected to launch at a price of $800+ which is way more than it should have been according to the specs and at this price we don't think if the phone has any chance to succeed.


Although one thing that we like about this phone is its 1.2GHz processor, this is the only point where we think Blackberry has done justice.

Source: The Android Love