A new way to take a photo with Lytro


One gadget that won an award for innovation at the 2012 International CES was a strange looking camera. This camera is definately not your run of the mill DSLR or Compact.

The Lytro camera captures the entire light field, (that is all the light travelling in every dierection) when taking a photograph. A conventional camera can only capture a single plane of light.

The idea is that you record the proper colour and intensity of the light. There is a button used to capture the image and then you can play around with the image later, changing the focus. The camera has an 8x optical zoom and F/2 aperture lens and uses a micro-lens array and sensor to capture 11 million light rays.

Once you have taken the picture you can re-focus as you require, either on the camera itself using the touchscreen or on your computer. The Lytro has a rubber and anodized aluminium structure with a power button, shutter button and a zoom slider. The pictures are created as .lfp files and can be imported and changed using the free software, which at the moment is only available for Apple MAC although the Windows version is in development.

The rechargeable camera has internal flash storage and can hold 750 pictures on the 16GB and 350 on the 8GB. It is small measuring 41 mm x 41 mm x 112 mm and weighs in at 214g


The camera comes in red, blue or graphite and costs $399 (8GB) or $499 (16GB) at the moment it can can be pre-ordered from the Lytro site.