Apple iPhone has arrived! is it worth upgrading?


The New Apple iphone has arrived! is it worth upgrading?

The die hard Apple fans have been out snapping up the device as usual but does that mean it is any good.

The device is the same width but Apple have increased the length, whilst at the same time making it lighter and slimmer than the iPhone 4s. The device
does feel very light and has the usual build quality that Apple are synonomous with. I was hoping for a radically different design but I guess they feel they have the look about right at the moment.

The screen is sharp and responsive as usual. The new A6 chip has speeded things up, according to Apple "up to twice as fast as the A5 chip" although I thought the iPhone 4S was pretty good. Although I haven't experienced it, the 4G LTE capability is reported as exceptionally fast, in some tests quicker on Face Time than WiFi (10 to 20Mbps), obviously that does depend on your home set-up. One notable change, the headphone jack has now been placed at the bottom.

Apple have also changed the connector at the bottom to a smaller interface. Obviously this means the standard iPhone docking stations, speakers and media
players will not work with the new iPhone. I assume somebody will design an adaptor to cater for all thoses people without an endless supply of cash but
it will be interesting to see if it can be made aesthetically pleasing. Apple are also using a Nano-SIM card, making SIM swaps difficult, although there are already videos on how to trim down your existing Micro-SIM card!! The camera has been tweaked to allow for better shots in low lighting and also now has a panarama option, already available in some other mobiles! The iPhone 5 also comes with a newly designed set of earbud headphones which I have yet to sample.

IOS6 is also available now for older Apple iPhones and having updated my iPhone 4 I was interested to see how the Google Maps replacement worked. Sadly it is not as good. Searching for places in Apple Maps is not as precise as Google and typing in the search box seems to require much more definition than the Google search box. (eg. Typing in Worcester Park on Google will produce a list, one of which is correct, on Apple however the same string does not produce the right result, until you type in Worcester Park, Surrey.) To try and distance themselves further from Google/Android, Apple have also remove the the YouTube app when you upgrade to IOS6. I imagine lots of people will open up the web browser and create a shortcut to Google Maps and YouTube from there.

IOS 6 also provides a new "Passbook" app to store all your Boarding cards, Tickets, store cards etc.

The App called Find Friends has been updated to include Push notifications for locations. With this addition is the ability to set a notification when somebody arrives or leaves a certain location. I always thought this App sounded like a Stalkers dream but this will surely make it even more appealing to a wound-be botherer. As a way of keeping track of family it may be of use, though I doubt teenage adolescents will be keen on their parents knowing their every move! I personally don't want everyone to know exactly where I am all the time. You can disable this feature but I believe it then also disables the Find Friend functionality.

At the moment I am using an Xperia S as my Smartphone and so far have been quite impressed, I have an iPhone 4 and was waiting to see if this upgrade
would make me change to an iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S did not persuade me to do so and so far the iPhone 5 has not persuaded me either, I may change my mind but at the moment I will soldier on with the Android system.