At last a TV that listens to you…


We have all been shouting at the television for years! but none of them listen, well now Samsung have introduced a new Smart TV that apparently does.

Samsung Smart TV with Gesture control

Picture Credit The Verge


The idea behind this TV is that it will get smarter over time. According to Samsung, With Smart Interaction, the TV will be able to listen, see, and do what you want, without ever touching a remote control, now that is a bonus. The LED televisions have dual core processors and are multitasking. There is also an integrated camera to allow for face recognition, video conferencing and gesture controls, which will be appearing everywhere in the near future.

The television is also upgradeable using the Samsung Smart Evolution kit. In theory negating the need foe a new TV! I wonder how expensive the upgrade kit will be. According to reports the kit will not be available until next year.

There’s also a brand new HD quality smart hub. The Smart hub is the centre of the media experience, with apps, photo sharing, exploring  and the full social media interaction.  Future televisions are being designed to do all things internet related as well as providing the normal viewing services although I personally don't see the family sat using the TV for browsing the Internet and performing social media updates.