Can the latest and greatest Blackberry intimidate the Iphone?

Can the latest phone models from Blackberry alleviate some of the pressure on RIM? The Bold 9900/9930 phones mentioned in a previous post and the Torch 9850,9860 9810 are all being released this month. At the same time Blackberry are also preparing for release of another phone - the Blackberry Colt - and, if rumours are correct, this will be at the end of 2011 although it is more likely to be the 1st quarter of 2012. The information available so far would suggest we can expect a processor not much different from the current 1.2ghz used in the Bold 9900 and a 4.3 inch touchscreen.

Blackberry HQ

The Blackberry Colt will not run OS7 but QNX, the operating system designed for and running on the Blackberry Playbook. According to Patrick Spence at Research in Motion, QNX will provide a more robust OS, a browsing experience reputedly 40% faster, HTML5 and javascript rendering. QNX will initially run in parallel with OS7. OS 7 has been delivered to provide enhanced features not available in OS 6 and QNX will become a "super phone" platform for the next 10 years. RIM believe that the acceptance of the QNX OS in medical, government and military environments make it the more suitable platform for the future.

Blackberry need some good press after the heavily reported Blackberry Messenger usage by riot organisers during the recent outbreaks of violence across the UK, This has also caused concern for a number of organisations over the release of private information to the police. Add to this the security concerns from India and other countries over the Blackberry internet service and location of the back end servers, this hasn't been a good month.

A recent survey shows Blackberry still behind the IPhone and Android phones in most areas ,although they do perform well in the SMS and email functions as one might expect. With the reported release date of the Apple Iphone 5 to be the first week of October 2011, It remains to be seen whether these phones will revive the fortunes of RIM and also whether customers will appreciate the release of two new operating systems.