Microsoft Surfaces With New Tablet

This week Microsoft unveiled Surface it's own version of the Tablet. Microsoft moving into the hardware market should make it interesting, especially as they may be competing against other hardware manufacturers using the Windows OS!

Hardware and Software by the same company that sounds familiar!

Microsoft Surface Tablet


There will be a choice of either Intel or ARM-Based processors.The Intel devices will be powered by Surface for Windows 8 Pro Operating System. The ARM-Based device will be powered by Windows RT (the Run-Time Metro only version of Windows 8). I assume Microsoft will hope to break the hold that Apple has on this market, albeit a bit late. But as the Tablet Market increases there is hopefully enough room for new and exciting Tablets. The following statistic is no doubt of interest to Microsoft!

Based on Q2 projections for tablet shipments in 2012, the installed base of tablet users is set to increase more than 150% by 2013. As tablet users become a larger and larger app downloading segment, their app behavior and preferences will have an increasing influence on the app market – illustrated already in the growth in the number of apps and stores devoted to them.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Technical details:-

The ARM-Based Windows RT Tablet is slightly thinner than the iPAD at 0.4inches and has a 10.6 inch display with 1,366 x768 pixels resolution. The Intel Surface for Windows 8 Pro device is thicker and heavier than its counterpart but has a Full HD display.

The case is magnesium and has a built in stand. According to the VERGE the chipset will be provided by Nvidia. They have a magnetically attachable cover which is also doubles as a thin keyboard and there are two speakers and dual microphones.

The ARM-Based models will be 32Gb or 64Gb with USB 2.0, MicroSD slot and Micro HDMI.  The Intel based version will be 64Gb or 128Gb with USB 3.0, MicroSDXC card reader and Mini DisplayPort.

Let Battle Commence- - Trendy Video Below:-

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