Multi-Player gaming console style with iPads and iPhones


Real Racing 2 creators Firemint have revealed a new technology to be used with Apple TV.

The Australian company who produced the hit game used on iPhones and iPads has developed the game so it can be controlled by four separate devices all connected to the same television via Apple TV.

Similar to other consoles the TV will show a 4 player split screen. One device is the host and all the devices synchronise using Airplay. The service and devices are connected via the local Wi-Fi. Real Racing say that the update will make use of the A5 processor in the iPad and Iphone 4S to enhance the graphics

As mentioned, the TV displays the split screen and the iPads and iPhones being used will display extra information. See the video below for a demonstration of the setup. The game plays well on the iPhone and looks as though the "Party Play" aspect works well, be prepared for more multi gaming experiences via iPhones and iPads etc