Nike Fuel Band Checks Your Fitness Wherever You Are

Nike recently released another fitness accessory to ensure that your are always maintaining peek fitness and achieving daily goals. Or alternatively you just use it as  cute designer fashion accessory!


The Nike Fuel Band at first glance looks like other designer wristbands but this band has a purpose as well as looking stylish. Each day you set your fitness goal and the band keeps track of your activity eg. running for the bus, or chasing that certain someone! Hopefully setting a fitness goal for the day will persuade you to climb the stairs instead of using the lift or walking instead of catching the bus!

Your activities for the day are tracked in NikeFuel and users can set their target NikeFuel when they get up and take steps (if you'll pardon the pun) to achieve that goal before they go to sleep. The band has a single button to activate the display and a series of LEDs on it that change from red to green as you near your target. The Fuel Band can display your data as time, NikeFuel, calories or steps. Your movement is tracked by the built in accelorometre. The Fuel Band is water resistant but not suitable for swimming.

Charging the Nike Fuel Band is done via a USB connection in the clasp, which can also be used to transfer data if you are not using WiFi. The battery when charged can last for about 4 days. As with other Nike devices it is designed to work with an App this one called Nike+Fuelband.

The Nike Fuel Band should be available in May 2012 but at a price of £139 I presume it will only appeal to the super fit or someone who likes gadgets. I like using the Nike+ Apps for running and this appeals to me from a fitness and design perspective but the price would put me of.