Upgrade Motorola Quench XT5 to Android 2.2 (Complete Guide)

Motorola has confirmed that they won't upgrade Motorola Quench XT5 to android 2.2, so upgrading manually is the only possible way left.

(First of all I would like to thank all those people in various blogs and websites, who contributed a lot for the development of ROMs and othe software, which made this possible.)

1)Root the phone with UniversalAndroot. (U can google it or click here http://www.filefacto...1.6.2-beta5.apk)

2) Install RomManager (clockwork mod) from android Market.

3)Open the Rom Manager and click on "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" --> Select "Commtiva Z71" phone (compatible with Boston and clones)

4)Then Backup your original ROM (scroll down to see the back up rom option). The ROM will be backed up on the SD card. Save a copy of it elsewhere safely in your PC.

I suggest to go thru this site http://www.androidpo...backup-restore/

5)Download the following files from the respective links (courtesy: http://boston-mania.blogspot.com)
ROM (2.2) --> update-cm-6.1.2-Z71-signed.zip (http://www.filefacto...-Z71-signed.zip)
Google Apps --> gapps-mdpi-20101220-signed.zip (http://www.filefacto...1220-signed.zip)
Camera Patch --> Patch_Cam_CM-6.1.2-Z71.zip (http://www.filefacto...M-6.1.2-Z71.zip)

copy these files to the root directory of the sd card (do not make any folders).

6)(FLASHING ROM) Open RomManager and click "Install ROM from SD card"
select "update-cm-6.1.2-Z71-signed.zip"
tick for Backup existing Rom and Wipe Data and Cache
click ok to reboot and install
The flashing process should take 5-10 minutes installing everything and then 10-20 minutes during the first boot. Please be patient during this process.

7)After the phone boots you will see new ROM (froyo). There will be no market app (no need to panic).
Now open RomManager and click "Install ROM from SD card"
select "gapps-mdpi-20101220-signed.zip"
tick only for "Wipe Data and Cache"
Ok to reboot and install

8)After phone reboots the setup process starts (as if the phone was started for the first time).
Complete the setup process and after that you'll see the market app and other apps.

9)Now again open RomManager and click "Install ROM from SD card"
select "Patch_Cam_CM-6.1.2-Z71.zip"
tick only for "Wipe Data and Cache" (i think no need to tick it also, because if you tick it, after the phone reboots the setup process repeats once again)
Ok to reboot and install

10) Voila! Motorola XT502 with Froyo (2.2)


Let us know below in comments, if you find any issue and we will try helping you out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chaithanya.srinivas1 Chaithanya Srinivas

    Hi Chaithanya. I have tried installing 2.3.4. But my drivers are not working once I started using it. I came to know that I can not move from 2.21 fire trap version to 2.3.4 cyanogenmod version. First I have to go back to my 2.1 stock rom. But the mistake I did is I didn’t backup my stock rom. Is there any way I can download the stock rom. Thanks in advance.

    • Chaitanya

      Yeah there are stock roms available online, i will try finding out one for you and post in the article as soon as i find out.

  • Dheeraj

    I heard that Froyo is 2.5 times faster than eclair..Is it true for this update given above.

    Even im having a quench xt5 and am planning for an update , so just wanted to know about it

  • anonymous

    dam it after i had installed my phone cannot start up why?!

  • Aditya

    After i chose the backup current rom my phone went blank and read ‘Enter recovery mode” and then did not switch on again!! wtf..

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