Windows 8 and IOS 5


At Microsoft’s BUILD keynote event last week Windows 8 was on view and lucky attendees got a free Samsung tablet with Windows 8. The OS is designed to run on tablet and normal PC and supports both ARM and x86 architecture. No release date has been given yet but rumours are that it will be in the second half of 2012.

The Windows 8 main feature is Microsoft "Live Tiles"  which is already part of the Windows Phone operating system,  reports suggest that the tiles system is an improvement on the Windows 7 phone version.  The operating system supports stylus and finger input, so if required you can write a URL in the address bar of explorer for instance, this maybe quicker than typing if the recognition software works well enough!

Windows has a different way of unlocking the device to Apple. The user swipes in a particular pattern on the images to gain entry, although this can be changed top a pin entry or password system if preferred. The tiles can be customised in various ways and dragged between screens and some tiles can be shrunk if required.

System specific settings are controlled by the familiar Control Panel option, if you want to change a setting in a particular application you just swipe the screen from right to left whilst in the app and the settings options appear. Like Apple IOS a search option is provided but it differs slightly as it allows you search by category eg. in your apps or files etc.

Microsoft have also stated that the software will have an improved version of Defender which will include the MS antimalware engine and protection against Viruses, bots, rootkits and worms. The Defender software will also have a secured boot system to stop changes being made to the boot path.

According to statistics Android OS is increasing its market share faster than Apple and symbian and Windows is a fair way behind, in fact, declining. With the release of IOS 5 still rumoured to be October, will it be too long a wait for Windows 8 to make an impact on the market?

Winrumors have done a side by side comparison of IOS 5 and Windows 8, see the video below.