You Can Drive My Car…Well Google can

Google gets involved in all sorts of technology to help us during our brief stay in this world. They are now hoping to help us park our cars with driverless technology.

Goolge Driverless Audi TT

A patent applied for back in May has just beeen approved. "Transitioning a mixed mode vehicle to autonomous mode" or basically letting a computer drive your car.

Obviously Google have got in quick with the patent to stop the competition, whoever that might be from using this specific technology without a licence!!

This technology will allow the car to park itself using two sensors. One to identify a "Landing Strip" (parking area) and a second which receives data telling the car where it is positioned and where to manouver. I assume that this requires the wireless internet to be functioning correctly, without intervention from hackers sending your car the wrong directions just for the hell of it.

The "Landing Strip" could be markings on the road, signs or even possibly a QR code which crop up all over the place these days.

Google has been testing driverless cars for over a year, clocking up thousands of miles, the test cars have a human in them ready to take over should the need arise and a technician as a co-pilot ready to tweak the software if required.


See the TED talk by Sebastian Thrun for a demonstration:-