How to Generate Traffic on Your Blogs for Free?

Ok, We all know there are numerous paid ways through which you can generate traffic for your Blog. But today we will focus on free ways through which you can generate traffic for your blog free.

You can generate traffic on your Blog by Paying in following ways:

  • Hire an SEO Agency
  • PPC Advertising (Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Adbrite, etc)
  • Hire a Social Media Agency
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Buy Traffic

since we are discussing the free ways we won't go in much detail on these topics. Also we strongly feel that you can generate great traffic on your blog through free ways.(SO why spend when you can get for free).

1. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an useful way to drive traffic on your blog, if you don't scam and leave valuable feedback on others blog you would find that traffic on your website through those sites grow.

  • Post valuable comments, by adding value to article posted and please void spammming.
  • Be respectful with your tone and words, especially if you have a differing opinion from the author – it is acceptable to disagree.

In order to generate some traffic from blog commenting try posting atleast 8-10 comments a day and try posting regularly.

Be sure to get around to different blogs, not always commenting on the same ones day after day and week after week. Though it’s perfectly fine to have regulars – that is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. You want to have a good balance between regulars and new or less frequent blogs.


2. Promote your Blogs on Social Networks

Join as many of the social networks as you can keep up with. Try some new ones ,because they all offer something different and you may end up really liking one that you didn’t want to try. If you find that you really do not like one then try another. Use the ones that work best for you! Social networks are a great way to promote your posts and meet like-minded people.
There are many that you can join. Some of the bigger ones are Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. Look around. There are a lot of social networks that you can join and many niche-focused networks are becoming popular as well.Voting sites are a great way to network with others as well, and they often offer a lot of ways to build community and generate traffic.


3. Provide Free Giveaways

Giving free giveaways to the visitors can help big deal. Try giving away gifts to your visitors occasionally by starting a contest. This could attract a big number of visitors and most of the times the gift cost would be far less than the increase in your blogs value.


4. Learn SEO

SEO is one integral part in promoting and generating traffic for any Blog, try learning the basics of SEO since it would be useful in understanding how Meta Tags, Page Relevancy, etc works.

Also free tools like Google Keyword Research tool, Google Traffic Estimator, etc are useful in determining the keywords for your blog.


5. Forum Profiles and Commenting

Creating forum profiles is important for backlinks of your blog and thus increases in your ranking in search engines like google, etc.


Other Free Ways:

Create videos on Youtube

Write guest posts on similar blogs

Join a tribeLink to other blog posts in your posts

Answer questions at Yahoo Answers directing to blog posts


Let us know any thing else below in comments, that you want us to include in the list.