How to Make your Articles/Posts popular on Digg?

Digg as we know is a social news website where people can share stories with others by submitting the links and voting and commenting on the submitted links. has a large user base and brings in tons of traffic more than all other social bookmarking sites combined.

We all know that the stories that gets promoted to digg's front page instantly brings in huge traffic, but lets try understanding today that how could u get your article/posts on digg's frontpage.

Firstly, its important to understand that the article links you submit to digg won't become popular right away. You would need to have a lot of digg followers, be regular in community (commenting on articles, digging the posts) as this would make you a power user in digg and increase the chances of your link/post to get more digg's and thus get featured on the front page.(provided the post is a good one).

If you are new to digg and have just created the account, then your submission would probably manage to get just a few digg's which ultimately won't bring in any traffic.  So that means that you would need to ask your friends on social networking sites like facebook, orkut, twitter, badoo etc to digg your submission, or include a digg button on a page or blog and promote it through other popular channels.

Getting a story to the front page of Digg is a harder than it looks, however, due to the competition you have today and to the bias Digg has towards mainstream websites. This doesn’t mean it is impossible, but you’ll certainly need to put some effort there.

Content is king, matters most with digg too. You would need figure out what kind of content is best received at digg and try crafting such content on your website too.

Once you nail that you’ll need be very active with your own Digg account (submitting, voting and commenting on stories). You’ll also need to go through some trial and error, until you figure what it takes.

As for the time window you have to make a story go popular, it is around 24 hours. After that the story won’t get promoted to the front page no matter how hard you promote it and how many people vote on it.


Let us know in comments if you have any other thing that you feel can help in promoting a story to main page of digg.