Top 3 Ways other than Google to get Traffic on your Blog

Most people today think that Google is the only way to get traffic on your Blog and focus so hard on Google that they forget on other mediums which are equally (if not more) contribute in getting traffic on your site.

So lets start with evaluating such mediums.

1. Social Media

Social Media is definitely one of the most powerful source of traffic today, with more than 750 million people alone on Facebook, 200 million on Twitter, and a lot of others on other social media sites. Although a lot of these would be common people but still 750 million isn't a small number. There are lot of means to get traffic from Facebook like you can promote your Blog page (get more fans), share your post with ur friends and fans.  Similarly the best thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to know a million people, you don’t have to be an expert in your field, and you don’t have to spend hours trying to promote your website. With Twitter all you need to do is link to your website in the bio and then send off good quality tweets throughout the day. When it comes to getting traffic from Twitter you will need to experiment as to when the best time to tweet is because everybody and every niche has their own special times.

2. Forums

Most website owners have looked around and even contributed to forums here and there but then they stop. Why stop when a forum can get you loads of free traffic? What many website owners don’t realize is that they have to gain the trust of the other forum members in order to get those members to become your readers. One of the great parts about a forum is that you don’t have to provide a long answer, all you need to do is provide some good information that will benefit the other members.

3. Guest Posts

One of my favorite ways to get traffic without Google is to just write guest posts. I know you have heard of this before yet most website owners don’t see the value in it. What you need to know is that when you write a guest post the readers of the website you are writing for might click through your author link and check out your site. The one thing you must keep in mind when guest posting is that it is all about providing quality content to the websites readers, if you can provide quality content that the readers like to read then you might be lucky enough to get that person to click through to your site for more great content.

Let us know below in comments if you find thing there's any other medium thats equally as powerfull as the one's above and we would try including that too in the post.