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Tips to Make Your Android Tablet Battery Last Longer

One of the most frustrating things about using tablets today is the speed with which the battery can deplete. When in the middle of surfing or writing an email, no one likes to see that the battery is almost gone. While the batteries are getting better with these devices, it’s still possible that you could be running through your battery quite quickly. Fortunately, you can do a few things that will help to make your battery last longer.

What Does the Task Manager Say?

How many applications are you running at the same time? The ability to multitask on the Android tablets is nice, but you have to realize that when you multitask it does drain more power. Check and see which apps you have open and then shut off the ones that you are not using. It’s a simple thing to do, but it is something that many people forget. They have a couple of apps open and running in the background and then wonder why their batter is draining quickly.

Power Control Helps Keep Track

You will find there are some nice ways to gain even more control over the power that your tablet is using. With the Power Control widget that you will find on many tablets, you can get a better handle on your tablet. You will also find some apps that you can download that can help you manage your power. You will be able to use this to turn off the things that you aren’t using – the GPS or Wi-Fi – that could be draining power.

Turn Down the Brightness Setting

In many situations, you might not need to have your screen at the brightest possible setting. When you have a bright screen setting, it is going to drain your battery faster. Check to see where your brightness setting is and turn it down until you need it brighter with certain apps, games, or surfing the web. Brightness is one of the things that cause the power to drop very quickly, so make sure that you check your settings even if your tablet seems to be holding a charge well. It could be even better.

The above are some of the simplest and easiest tips and tricks that you will be able to use when you are looking for ways to extend the battery life on your Android tablet. Take care of your tablet and if you notice any rapid power drops, keep these things in mind.

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The App that forces you to Get out Of Bed (GOOB)


All smart phones have various types of alarms on them and there are more and more Apps available with different methods of waking you up. Before I used the standard App on my phone I tried all sorts of alarms from ones you throw at wall to ones that try and hide themselves, from Apps that make it look like the sun is rising to Apps that wake you at the optimum time in your sleep cycle.

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New ASUS Eee Transformer Prime might upset the Tablet Market


According to some reports the new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet is being shipped this week by Amazon to people who had pre-ordered the hybrid device, although there are also reports of delays until the first quarter 2012. Whatever situation is true it looks like it will be here sooner rather than later.


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Malware increasing on Android devices


Android devices have proved to be the most popular mobile devices for Malware attacks. A recent report showed an 18% increase in Malware on mobile devices and that 47% of Malware is aimed at Android.

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Security Flaw Discovered In HTC Android Devices.

A security flaw has been discovered on some HTC Android devices.

A quick note for anyone with an HTC Android device. A flaw in the security has been discovered that can allow a hacker to access Phone Numbers, GPS status, SMS data and email address data….

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Amazon get the Kindle and create a Fire amongst the tablets.


Today Amazon unveiled three new Kindles, one in particular is interesting, the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The device is priced at a very reasonable $199 compared with the $499 Apple iPad. For this price you get a Tablet that can stream movies and TV and also has Amazon App store available.
Jeff Bezos the Amazon Chief Executive explained that the aim was to provide a device for Web movies, books, games and apps.

Photo: Bloomberg

He also went on to say that the content on the Fire tablet would be backed up on Amazon’s server at no extra cost to the consumer. Another web browser has appeared on the device called “silk” which according to reports is faster as it runs part on the client and part from the data centers.

The Android 7″ tablet has a dual core 1Ghz processor a 1024 pixels by 600 pixel display, 512MB of memory and built in storage of 8GB. I presume the size of the storage reflects the fact that your content will be mostly stored in the  cloud at Amazon. Apparently the device has no external inputs just a power button and no Bluetooth, Camera or GPS. This device is clearly designed for consumption and not production! That said accorinding to

So another tablet arrives to challenge the iPad but this one may carry more weight than some of the others due to the large following of Kindle owners and also the fact the price is extremely competitive.

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is due out on November 15th 2011.

Is the Sony Tablet “S” the Android device to challenge the Apple iPad…


The Sony Tablet “S” is now in the shops, could this Android Tablet be a rival for the iPad?  I like the design of this product and it has unusual hardware under the hood as well as an unusual look.

At least Sony have tried to be a bit different with the design and it will probably be one of those love it or hate it shapes.

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Sony Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player


At IFA in Berlin Sony announced a number of new devices one being the Sony Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player.  The device is still being developed but will be worth examining when its finally released.


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Google Sets sites on Console Gaming Market


Already battling various companies for market share in the Phone, Operating System, Social Media spheres and any where else they can delve. Google is now set to take on the TV console Gaming market. Vestel Group, an organisation made of of a number of companies making Televisions, Set-top Boxes and household appliances have set up a partnership with Exent to deliver Android games to TV.

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Samsung Galaxy Note revealed at IFA Berlin


One of the many devices announced by Samsung at IFA in Berlin was the Galaxy Note. Sitting somewhere between a phone and a tablet device a lot like the Dell Streak. At IFA Samsung were showing of the Note in between a new  phone and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 but not long after the show started they were according to a Samsung  source “forced by the German courts” to remove the 7.7 Tab from the display, due to the ongoing battle with Apple over the larger 10.1 Tabs similarities to the iPad. The Note got to keep its place and the reviews have begun….

Samsung Press Pictures

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