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iPADs and iPHONES are creating the new Big Apple in Cupertino, move over New York.


Apple Has become a huge company, this graphic is just one one way of demonstrating that. Perhaps before long New York will soon be known as the second Big Apple, as the Cupertino based company moves on. Check out the full Infographic for some other interesting facts.


Apple Infographic


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Nike Fuel Band Checks Your Fitness Wherever You Are

Nike recently released another fitness accessory to ensure that your are always maintaining peek fitness and achieving daily goals. Or alternatively you just use it as  cute designer fashion accessory!


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Google Maps..Google Streets now Google Drive

Cloud storage is a popular topic at the moment with online storage options coming from, among others, Apple, Microsoft, DropBox, Samsung and Amazon.  This week a new option arrived on the scene, Google Drive.  If you sign in with your Google account you can request notification when your Drive is ready to use.



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Steve Jobs must be smiling somewhere…

After all his battles with illness, I am sure Steve Jobs will be smiling somewhere. He certainly won this battle albeit with a another technology company. Adobe announced last week that they are ceasing development of their Flash plugin for mobile devices and will now concentrate their efforts on HTML5, digital media and digital marketing software.

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The Core of Apple passes away. (i) hope his ethos lives on.

Apple fans and world leaders alike mourned the passing of Steve Jobs this week the day after latest iPhone was revealed. He was a gifted, technology enthusiast who had a vision and was able to make it a reality.

I visited the Apple web site when I heard the news and was greeted by his picture and the words Steve Jobs 1955-2011, a fitting minimalistic tribute that needed nothing else, he would have appreciated it

Fans gathered in San Francisco to hold a candlelit vigil using one of the Apple co-founders creations, the iPad, displaying a candle. Mourners also visited the Apple HQ and placed flowers around an iPad with his photo on. Tributes flooded in from all over the World, from colleagues and competitors.

I wanted to acknowledge the achievements of Steve Jobs by simply saying that people can create beautiful things with technology and Apple under his guidance created some of the best designed technology you will ever see, defining a whole generation of products by simply using one letter “i”

His legacy will remain, hopefully Apple can continue to develop and produce things with design, beauty and purpose for many years to come.

Lets Talk iPhone – Apple IOS and iPhone Event live ….


Apple unveil the IOS 5 and the new iPhone 4S today at the Cupertino. Apparently the scheduled release date is 14th October!


Any Apple fans may be interested to know there is a live blog of the event at GDGT.com which auto refreshes.

The release date for IOS 5 has just been announced as October the 12th.

Samsung Stopped From Taking a Bite Out Of Apple


As mentioned in an earlier post Apple had prevented Samsung from displaying the Galaxy Tab at IFA Berlin due to an ongoing dispute over patents. As reported by Reuters today, this ban has now been officially upheld by the German Courts. Samsung is now not allowed to sell the Galaxy 10. 1 Tab in one of Europes largest economies. Samsung are obviously appealing against this ruling.

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Can iTunes Match Spotify?


iTunes Match, the Apple music streaming system for the cloud has been released again to developers. The system  which stores and syncs all your music in the ‘icloud’ is rumoured to be arriving to general consumers soon (possibly alongside the roll out of IOS 5) and although it wasn’t mentioned in the original release to developers it will apparently allow streaming.

iTunes and the Icloud

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Will Apple Be The Same Without Steve Jobs


Questions people are already asking now that Steve Jobs has officially retired as CEO of Apple. The man who has taken over has been with Apple for a good few years and I do not see the arrival of Flash any time soon. Steve Jobs is an icon and for that reason his departure may well make the company lose some of its cutting edge appeal although time will tell whether Tim Cook can generate the kind of press that Steve Jobs could. In my opinion Jobs firm views on the direction of Apple and the design and build of its devices have made Apple what it is today.

Tim Cook

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IPAD 3 and the Tablet Wars

There have been numerous reports that Apple will release a third generation IPAD this year and plenty of discusson on what the specifications might be. If a recent report in the Wall street Journal is to be believed, then the screen will be a similar retina display to that currently on the Iphone 4 and the latest generation IPod touch, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels compared with the current 1024 x 768.  The screen size will probably remain the same, therefore you would assume that the processor will need to be more efficient to handle the extra power required for pixel processing, without losing anything on battery life and screen brightness. According to soources parts for the new device have been ordered from Asia for testing – with a view to releasing the device in early 2012 which would fit in with the 1st quarter launches of the previous versions.

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