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Top 3 Ways other than Google to get Traffic on your Blog

Most people today think that Google is the only way to get traffic on your Blog and focus so hard on Google that they forget on other mediums which are equally (if not more) contribute in getting traffic on your site.

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Top 7 Websites to buy a Premium WordPress Theme

Are you looking to set up a new blog or website? Then consider using wordpress as the cms, it is the most popular platform and has all the basic and advanced plugins to power your website.
Here we are mentioning the top 7 websites where you will find lots of greatly designed premium themes.

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Best 10 Android Apps for Webmasters and Web Designers 2011

There are whole bunch of webmasters who do not use their android smartphone up to its capacity. Generally people use it for posting comments on social networking sites, photos, videos, or to write some tweets. Android is so powerful that if we use it up to the capacity than we can complete most of the daily tasks without any hassle. So, here are the some of the best Android apps for webmasters which can help in increasing productivity & creativity. Most of these apps are absolutely free to use, so have fun time blogging with android.

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Download Best Google+ Wallpapers for your Desktops and Laptops

Popularity of Google+ is on rise since the very launch, and we have written some articles about the new social network in our blog too. Here I have compiled some of the best Google+ Wallpapers available online, they have mostly been taken from deviant art. You can simple click the image and save the wallpaper.

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How to Make your Articles/Posts popular on Digg?

Digg as we know is a social news website where people can share stories with others by submitting the links and voting and commenting on the submitted links.

Digg.com has a large user base and brings in tons of traffic more than all other social bookmarking sites combined.

We all know that the stories that gets promoted to digg’s front page instantly brings in huge traffic, but lets try understanding today that how could u get your article/posts on digg’s frontpage.

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How to Generate Traffic on Your Blogs for Free?

Ok, We all know there are numerous paid ways through which you can generate traffic for your Blog. But today we will focus on free ways through which you can generate traffic for your blog free.

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How to Add your Blog to Technorati Quickly

Technorati is an Internet Search Engine for searching content in Blogs and Once you have got your Blog successfully added in Technorati, it can help you increase your Blog’s Traffic.

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Reasons why your business/agency needs a Blog

With the Internet available to everyone today and blogs becoming more common, it is definitely a tool that businesses need to use in order to ensure success. Of course, just having a blog is not the answer to success; you must use your blog in order to do more than just generate business for your company. There are five main reasons your company needs to have a blog.

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5 Tips to Increase Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

When you include Google AdSense ads on your blog, there is certainly potential to make money, but how? Many beginner bloggers have Google AdSense ads running, but the earnings aren’t coming. Follow the steps below to give your blog’s Google AdSense program the greatest chance for success and start making money now.

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