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Google Maps..Google Streets now Google Drive

Cloud storage is a popular topic at the moment with online storage options coming from, among others, Apple, Microsoft, DropBox, Samsung and Amazon.  This week a new option arrived on the scene, Google Drive.  If you sign in with your Google account you can request notification when your Drive is ready to use.



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You Can Drive My Car…Well Google can

Google gets involved in all sorts of technology to help us during our brief stay in this world. They are now hoping to help us park our cars with driverless technology.

Goolge Driverless Audi TT

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Google Person Finder Launched after the Turkish earthquake


After the tragic earthquake in Turkey that has already claimed over 200 lives, Google has launched its Person Finder service.

The service was first used after the earthquake in Haiti 2010 and has since been used in New Zealand and also in Japan after the Tsunami earlier this year.


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Google+ Available For All To Enjoy, should Facebook Worry..


Google has now released Google+ to everyone. No more “I can get you an invite”  it’s open season. 

In a blog posted by Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering he revealed it had been released and would include new features.




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Celebrities to juice up Google search results, good or bad?


Google is going to allow celebrity endorsements for products to try and weed out the fraudulent offerings on the web. What Google is trying to do is provide information on legitimate products i.e. endorsed ones which will presumably mean a more reliable source from which to purchase your chosen item. 

Google will introduce the endorsements in the US first and then the UK and presumably other countries. This is part of an attempt to try and bring more social data to the search results Google displays. Perhaps these endorsements will be used more to avoid certain products than to find them!! Read more

GOOGLE Takes Street Maps To The Amazon


The Amazon is now the latest place you can spot a Google ‘Trike’ albeit sometimes on a boat. Moving on from streets Google has decided to map the Waterways of this world, Starting with the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers.

Although Google met with a lot of criticism initially over “Street Maps” with regard to Privacy and infringement laws, it has not been such a hot topic recently with all the financial chaos around. The mapping continues on regardless and now despite its other issues Israel has now decided to allow Google to map its streets and we assume others who may have been reticent will perhaps move their barriers.

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Top 3 Ways other than Google to get Traffic on your Blog

Most people today think that Google is the only way to get traffic on your Blog and focus so hard on Google that they forget on other mediums which are equally (if not more) contribute in getting traffic on your site.

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How to Change your Google+ theme Easily

Yes, you heard it right similar to Twitter now you can change your Google+ theme too with a simple chrome plugin. The plugin allows you to upload a background image or choose from the ones available. Although the image would be visible to you only but seeing a different image makes things more personal:)

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Google’s New Secret Search Engine Launched-Ready to Overtake Facebook Search

We all know how much interest has Google+ attracted in the last 2 months. It has quickly became the fastest growing Social Network reaching 20 million users in the quickest time. But there’s something that google has still not launched (although has made available on net and is waiting for perfect time) and is so superb that it will shatter the facebook dreams of coming into the search industry.

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Alibaba Launched a New Mobile OS Aliyun to compete with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS

Chinese trade giant Alibaba has unveiled the Aliyun OS for mobile phones. The new entrant is expected to take the already heated mobile OS battle to the next level. Aliyun’s interface will be cloud centric. It will enable developers to useHTML5 and JavaScript for easier app development as well.

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