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Can the latest and greatest Blackberry intimidate the Iphone?

Can the latest phone models from Blackberry alleviate some of the pressure on RIM? The Bold 9900/9930 phones mentioned in a previous post and the Torch 9850,9860 9810 are all being released this month. At the same time Blackberry are also preparing for release of another phone – the Blackberry Colt – and, if rumours are correct, this will be at the end of 2011 although it is more likely to be the 1st quarter of 2012. The information available so far would suggest we can expect a processor not much different from the current 1.2ghz used in the Bold 9900 and a 4.3 inch touchscreen.

Blackberry HQ

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4 Reasons why Blackberry Bold 4/9900 will fail

Today, when we are seeing mobile companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola launching phones with awesome displays, great camera, huge apps market and blah blah, there’s one company that’s still sticking to outdated specs and high price i.e Blackberry. Here we review 4 such things that will lead to the fall of yet to be released Blackberry 4 or (Blackberry 9900).


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Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II V/s IPhone 4 Comparison

As we know both Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II and IPhone 4 are the king’s of smartphone, they have got great looks, some great specs. So here we are comparing both the phones so that its easier for you to decide the one you should be buying.

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5 Best Android QWERTY Mobile Phones with Prices 2011 Reviewed

High End Qwerty Mobile Phones are on the rise, they are more user friendly, extreme powerful and  importantly a status symbol. It’s difficult to deny that a huge amount of people still want a powerful smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard.  Let’s take a look at some of the best QWERTY Android Phones available in 2011

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10 Cheapest Android Mobile Phones Reviews India with Prices 2011

We explained in depth in the article Why Android Mobile Phones are better? but for those who didn’t go through i feel Android is better than others like IPhones, Symbians and Bada because we get a lot of options to choose from in Android. A lot of companies launching android mobiles on daily basis, a huge marketplace where you virtually get every app you can think. I personally owe an Android and i feel they are best phones in low budget, for anyone who can’t spend a lot of moolah to buy an Iphone for them Android is the best alternative.

Let’s look at the 10 cheapest Android Mobile phones available in India with the prices.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Reviewed-Playstation Phone?

As has been expected; sooner or later Sony Ericsson will bring its Playstation brand into the mobile phone industry. Although the Xperia PLAY isn’t exactly a combination of PSP and smartphone, but still, the device makes gaming on a smartphone more convenient. Once upon a time, Nokia tried and failed miserably with the N-Gage and now eight years later we’ve got the PLAY, a proper gaming phone. It is nothing more than an Android smartphone that is optimized for dedicated gamers, with an integrated physical gamepad, instead of a QWERTY keyboard. The concept is so simple, it may make you wonder why nobody has thought about it earlier.

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Rumored Sony Ericsson Walkman series Android phone W15 leaked..Do you think its real?

After Playstation certified Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson seems to be working on a Walkman series Android smartphone. Sony Ericsson’s earlier Walkman series phones have been hugely popular among young crowd, and company might be planning to reap that with an Android touch.
According to a rumors circulating, Sony Ericsson might launch a Walkman series W15 with Android 2.3, and it will have series of multimedia codec support. The leaked specifications include an entry-level 600 MHz processor, 3 inch display, 3.2 mega-pixel camera, dedicated music button and more.
It is being said to be having Xperia X8 like form-factor. There are no images of smartphone available right now, but it is being expected to be launched in April end or early May.Company seems to be targeting the low /medium segment here, looking to work on the quantity.

The phone is expected to hit the market at $250-$350. Seems to be a good solid price.

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3,50,000 Android Devices sold each day!!

Google  at its first quarter earnings call announced that Android phones have installed 3 billion apps from Android Market. Jeff Huber, Senior VP Commerce and Local, Google stated that app downloads are up 50% from the last quarter.

Android app downloads are growing very fast, for comparison the first billion app installs took twenty months, while the second billion installs came in next 5 months, but the latest third billion took just 2 months. The app install numbers can also be attributed to the percentage of free apps in the Android Market.
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