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Microsoft Surfaces With New Tablet

This week Microsoft unveiled Surface it’s own version of the Tablet. Microsoft moving into the hardware market should make it interesting, especially as they may be competing against other hardware manufacturers using the Windows OS!

Hardware and Software by the same company that sounds familiar!

Microsoft Surface Tablet


There will be a choice of either Intel or ARM-Based processors.The Intel devices will be powered by Surface for Windows 8 Pro Operating System. The ARM-Based device will be powered by Windows RT (the Run-Time Metro only version of Windows 8). I assume Microsoft will hope to break the hold that Apple has on this market, albeit a bit late. But as the Tablet Market increases there is hopefully enough room for new and exciting Tablets. The following statistic is no doubt of interest to Microsoft!

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Amazon get the Kindle and create a Fire amongst the tablets.


Today Amazon unveiled three new Kindles, one in particular is interesting, the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The device is priced at a very reasonable $199 compared with the $499 Apple iPad. For this price you get a Tablet that can stream movies and TV and also has Amazon App store available.
Jeff Bezos the Amazon Chief Executive explained that the aim was to provide a device for Web movies, books, games and apps.

Photo: Bloomberg

He also went on to say that the content on the Fire tablet would be backed up on Amazon’s server at no extra cost to the consumer. Another web browser has appeared on the device called “silk” which according to reports is faster as it runs part on the client and part from the data centers.

The Android 7″ tablet has a dual core 1Ghz processor a 1024 pixels by 600 pixel display, 512MB of memory and built in storage of 8GB. I presume the size of the storage reflects the fact that your content will be mostly stored in the  cloud at Amazon. Apparently the device has no external inputs just a power button and no Bluetooth, Camera or GPS. This device is clearly designed for consumption and not production! That said accorinding to

So another tablet arrives to challenge the iPad but this one may carry more weight than some of the others due to the large following of Kindle owners and also the fact the price is extremely competitive.

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is due out on November 15th 2011.

Windows 8 and IOS 5


At Microsoft’s BUILD keynote event last week Windows 8 was on view and lucky attendees got a free Samsung tablet with Windows 8. The OS is designed to run on tablet and normal PC and supports both ARM and x86 architecture. No release date has been given yet but rumours are that it will be in the second half of 2012.

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Samsung Galaxy Note revealed at IFA Berlin


One of the many devices announced by Samsung at IFA in Berlin was the Galaxy Note. Sitting somewhere between a phone and a tablet device a lot like the Dell Streak. At IFA Samsung were showing of the Note in between a new  phone and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 but not long after the show started they were according to a Samsung  source “forced by the German courts” to remove the 7.7 Tab from the display, due to the ongoing battle with Apple over the larger 10.1 Tabs similarities to the iPad. The Note got to keep its place and the reviews have begun….

Samsung Press Pictures

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I have an Inkling this Wacom device will impress.

Like sketching? Like technology but not impressed sketching on tablets. Then this might interest you.

Wacom® a company known for producing high quality tablets and input devices for professional creators, has introduced Inkling, a new digital sketch pen that can capture your sketches on any sketchbook or on any normal piece of paper.


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