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Red boot screen on Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pro 2 Red Boot Screen

If your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 starts has a red boot screen instead of the normal black then you may have disabled the UEFI (Secure Boot) function in the BIOS. If you enter the BIOS as detailed here BIOS, then re-enable the Secure Boot option and reinstall the Secure Boot Keys. The screen should then be back to normal.

Surface Pro 2 Will not boot up

Surfarce Pro 2

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 will not boot up

I found the other day that the Surface Pro 2 decided it would no longer turn on!!

It appears the device had gone into some kind of deep hibernation state, whether to avoid overcharging or due to an Application altering the system I’m not sure, anyway this is how to get it back to normal:-

On the Volume key on the left side press the increase volume rocker whilst you press the Surface Pro 2 power button…This can take 20 seconds…. when you see the Surface logo appear let go of the buttons. Then press the Power button as normal. This should allow the device to boot normally.




Is This The Desk Of The Future

Is his the desk of the future? if so I’d like one. With Windows 8 Metro style arriving soon this could be the natural evolution of Tablet computing. At least you won’t get such tired arms whilst using this touch interface, a problem I mentioned in my post on Windows 8.


Picture Source: “Tableg” concept by Wunderman Design

Windows 8 …… A Users View


I have been using Windows 8 for a month or so and can’t decide if I like it or not.

I ran a clean install initially of Windows 8 but I could not find some of the drivers required for the integrated devices, so I installed a vanilla version of Windows 7 and then upgraded to Windows 8 Consumer version and all devices are now successfully installed.

Windows 8 Developers Preview Available For Download


With windows 8 release due in 2012, you can have a play with the new version for free before it’s released.

You will need to download the Release To Developers version which is free to install. This is not a Beta version and the software may change before the final release, also I would not recommend installing it on anything other than a test PC as it is not an upgrade and once installed you cannot revert to a previous installation of Windows.  If you do not have a spare PC with the right specifications you could always install it on a virtual machine for free and play with it there without sacrificing a current windows installation.

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Windows 8 and IOS 5


At Microsoft’s BUILD keynote event last week Windows 8 was on view and lucky attendees got a free Samsung tablet with Windows 8. The OS is designed to run on tablet and normal PC and supports both ARM and x86 architecture. No release date has been given yet but rumours are that it will be in the second half of 2012.

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